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The Shifter by Janice Hardy


ShifterOdd. Weird. Adventure. Guards. Magic. Those are four great words to describe the Shifter, by Janice Hardy. Nya can shift. This isn’t shifting from house to house to house or making tectonic plates shift. This is the ability to shift pain. And it’s supposed to be a myth. Supposed to be. But Nya somehow has this magical power. Ok. Get this. Nya’s life has never been normal. Duh. How normal can your life be when you can SHIFT PAIN? Well. Her parents are both dead. Why? Because between four lands, there has been a war and the “Duke of Baseer” has been conquering every land. Practically everyone hates him, especially Nya. But you can’t just rebel against an all powerful ruler who conquered a land with pynvium. Yes. Pynvium. A highly dangerous metal able to hold pain. It makes great weapons and is great for those who can heal. If it existed, I’d suggest we all buy some. Because that’s exactly what everyone needs and what the Duke has. So Nya has learned to hate and fear him at the same time. Why does she hate him? Because he’s a world class jerk and because he’s forced everyone into a world that is practically a nightmare. This nightmare is Nya’s nightmare. She’s forced to live on the streets, while she secretly is taken care of by her little sister, Tali, who is a healer in “the League”, or the fancy healing place in which apprentices are trained to become world class healers. And now, Tali is gone. And Nya’s secret is revealed. This story will capture you from the very first sentence and will leave you demanding the second and third book (coming out in 2011). It will also slightly shift your view of the world (if you think about what our world is like). So I suggest that once you manage to get a hold of it, read the Shifter and it will never leave your mind.

Reviewed by Natalie B ‘17

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“The Shifter by Janice Hardy”

  1. Avatar January 1st, 2011 at 2:21 pm Ms. Seroff Says:

    Natalie, I’m so glad you enjoyed Shifter! I thought it was really great too, very original. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the sequel.

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