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Perfect by Natasha Friend


Isabelle Lee is a typical teenager, with an annoying sister and dorky friends. However, when her dad died a few years ago, Isabelle turned to bulimia as an outlet for her problems. When her sister finds out her secret, she tattles and Isabelle’s mother insists she attend “Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group,” or, as Isabelle likes to call it, “Group.” So Isabelle could not be more surprised when Ashley Barnum, the school’s It girl, walks through the door at Isabelle’s first meeting. Isabelle is caught off guard when Ashley suddenly befriends her. The only problem is that their only common interest is their eating disorder. It looks like Isabelle will never overcome bulimia, especially with her new ally, Ashley. They begin to do everything together, and Isabelle is desperate for a way out. This book is a quick read, but very moving and I would highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Carly King ‘14

posted under Drama, Realistic
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“Perfect by Natasha Friend”

  1. Avatar April 9th, 2010 at 2:18 pm Ms. Seroff Says:

    You should also check out her books Lush, and Bounce!

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